Collective Whisper from Galway Ireland are a successfully progressive band which continues to surprise with their original sound, memorable melodies that stand on their own and songs that will awaken and inspire you.

Simon K the main song writer and composer has been actively involved in the music industry always putting his focus on developing the band’s unique style which circles around rock, pop and electronic music creating unforgettable, original and mind blowing sounds.

Aleksandra who originally comes from Poland adds a uniquely multicultural style to Collective Whisper and her vocals are mesmerasing and will instantly captivate you.

Collective Whisper’s songs are about ‘’love, loss and life ’’. Each one tells a different story.

The band’s first debut EP ‘’Reason to believe’’ released in 2010 received major acclaim , inspiring many fans around the globe.

In 2020 the band released their new upbeat single "Some 1" to critical acclaim.

The band are working on new material for a 2022/23 release.