E01 Collective Whisper gets to know....Eoin Finnegan

Updated: May 2


On the very first episode of the Collective Whisper podcast I spoke to Eoin Finnegan all the way from Dooagh in Achill Island via Hoboken,New Jersey.

Eoin is a great friend of mine and I was delighted that he was my first guest and could help me kick off the show.

Eoin has been living in New York for over 20 years now and runs a successful bar in Hoboken named Finnegans.

Eoin joined me from New Jersey via a virtual link to tell us about his story and life so far.

Eoin left the Achill islands to start a new life in New York where his brother worked also and was there to witness 9/11 and what it did to New York and it’s people.

Before Achill, Eoin lived in Mullingar with his parents and brothers and sisters.

We talked about some of the great places, and bars Eoin has worked in and some of the adventures he has had along the way and some of the interesting and not so interesting people he has met.

Eoin lives in Hoboken,New Jersey with his wife and 2 kids and runs Finnegans bar in hoboken which is a very successful bar and has some great food, and live music for all tastes.

When the time came for Eoin to open his own bar he jumped at the chance even though it held lots of challenges but he has never looked back.

This was a great interview and Eoin even sang us a song, which I enjoyed a lot.

Eoin will definitely be back on the show sometime and it was a pleasure to chat with him.