E24 Collective Whisper gets to know...Seán Keane

On this weeks episode I spoke to Seán Keane.


Seán Keane from County Galway is described as the greatest musical find of the 90's. Traditional Irish, folk and even country and blues songs all lend themselves to his unique style and unforgettable voice. Growing up in a family of singers and musicians.He is known for his distinctive sean-nós-style voice. Seán learned the sean nós style of singing from his mother and his aunts.Sean is a singer and multi-instrumentalist of skill, acclaim and flair.

He is rooted firmly in old Ireland with the Keane family tradition of sean-nós singing.

Seans voice has untold depth, range and maturity; his skill on the flute, whistles

and pipes with which he punctuates songs, make his work unforgettable.

It was a very interesting chat and Seán spoke about his life and singing career so far, his grief at the loss of his wife, how he revived his career and chose to have the right people around him who he could trust and work with.

Sean Keane was born in 1961 "at the foot of Knockma," Castlehackett, between Tuam and Headford, into a family already famous for singing and music.

His mum passed away in 2012, aged 93, and sister Marian died, aged eight, from TB. He is very close to his remaining siblings, Teresa, Pat, Christina, Matt and Noel, and of course Dolores

In his teens Seán won thirteen All-Ireland medals in Fleadh Ceoil competitions

He was by then an accomplished whistle and flute player as well and had taken up the uilleann pipes and bodhraun.

Sean worked at welding and steel fabrication engineering for a time after school, and then spent two years on a building site in London, where Dolores was living at the time. He stayed with her for a while and there were always sessions and gigs for him, both solo and with his own band Sigui. He ultimately made the decision to leave the day job behind and focus on music. That decision was helped by spending a Christmas in London and hanging out with some of the older men - "the forgotten Irish" who had left Ireland decades before to work at building roads and motorways, and never returned. It was a lesson to him not to go down that route, and he came back home from London in 1981, aged 20.

He joined Reel Union, a group which also featured sister Dolores and accordion player Máirtín O'Connor. Later, he was part of Arcady, with such well known names as Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh, Sharon Shannon and Frances Black.

After a short flirtation with the theatre when he played in the Druid production of "Midnight Court" and the Abbey Theatre's "Sheep's Milk on the Boil", Seán embarked on his solo career in 1993.

He released his solo album All Heart No Roses in 1994,and has release many albums since.


All Heart No Roses - 1994

Turn A Phrase - 1996

No Stranger - 1998

The Man That I Am - 2000

Seansongs - 2002

Portrait - The Best Of Sean Keane - 2003

You Got Gold - 2006

An Irish Scattering - 2008

Valley Of The Heart - 2009

Never Alone - 2013

Christmas by the hearth - 2014

New Day Dawning - 2016

Gratitude - 2018 (with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra)

Seán has released numerous songs and had many radio hits such as:

Shores of Newfoundland

Isle of Hope Isle of Tears

May Morning Dew

The Shipyards and Gdansk

Man from Connemara


Home Away from Home

Stranger to the Rain

Galway to Graceland

The Pleasure Will Be Mine

Seán sang 2 wonderful songs on the podcast for us,"Satisfied mind" and "Home"

It was a pleasure to speak to Seán and I know people will enjoy it very much.

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